About The Digital MainStream

The Digital MainStream was founded in June of 1994 by the network engineers and administrators of the Houston Advanced Research Center. At the time, we had been designing and managing University and Research Internet connections for years and the Internet had just opened up to commercial (non-research) traffic. We presented a series of public seminars about the Internet as part of the HARC lecture series and the response was quite overwhelming. The Digital MainStream was subsequently formed with the goal of providing the general public with the same dependable, high-quality Internet access that we had enjoyed for years in our research environment.

Digital MainStream is dedicated to the idea that the Internet is far more than just a new way to deliver advertising to your computer. We strive to use our experience in computing and computer networking to deliver a more positive and rewarding Internet experience to our customers. At Digital MainStream, we believe that the Internet is a truly revolutionary development in human society and we are honored to provide our customers with the kind of Internet service that we'd want to have ourselves.